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X Invader » 12월 업데이트 안내 (버전 0.6.7)

Hello, Invaders!

I’d like to inform you about the content of the December update that took place today.

If you experience any issues running the game after the update,
please prioritize performing a file integrity check.

■ Guide to Conducting a File Integrity Check:

■ Update Version: v 0.6.7

■ Patch Notes:

1. Major Updates

● Vaccine Crasher Revamp
– The attack mode of the Vaccine Crasher has been changed from a curved trajectory to a direct shot method. Additionally, some values have been adjusted for balance improvement of this weapon.

2. 2. Improvements

● Modifications to random penalty effects at Security System Level 5
– Removal of the penalty where certain hacker’s add-ons do not appear
– Changed to an effect that increases the probability of appearance of certain hacker’s Rare Add-ons.
● Enhanced auto-aiming performance for E-Laser
● Corrections to English and Chinese translations for character encyclopedia and challenge tasks.

3. Balance Adjustments
● Adjustment of appearance probability values for Dodo’s Hacking Tools enhancement add-ons
– Base value: 33%
– When upgraded with ‘Treasure Trove’: 35%
● Removal of the ‘Water Rocket’ Fixed Max Magazine effect from the Vaccine Crasher add-on
● Adjustment of effect values for Ooparts ‘Infinity Bandana’

– Max Magazine +10 → +3
● Adjustment of effect values for Ooparts ‘Speed Loader’
– Reload Speed 150% → 70%
● The ‘Flame Rocket’ SOUL CODE effect has been changed.
– When the Flame Rocket SOUL CODE is equipped, a Flame effect is added to the basic Gas Blast.

If you encounter any issues during gameplay,
please report them to our Discord for a prompt response.

X Invader Discord:

We are always grateful to everyone who plays X Invader.

Enjoy your gameplay!