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PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors » 11/22/2023 AUTO-AIM UPDATE

For our hardworking PhaigeX employees, here are some regular updates addressing some game issues, along with an experimental feature, Auto-Aim.

New Feature: Auto-Aim
  • Holding down the [Toggle Firing Mode] button activates “Auto-Aim”, in which the player ship automatically faces towards a close enemy to shoot at
  • Ships are given more priority over drones when those appear
  • Auto-Aim can be toggled in all firing modes
  • Holding down the [Toggle Firing Mode] button again turns Auto-Aim off
Gameplay Changes
  • Support Craft

    – Player ship receives a 2-second invulnerability period just after exiting the support shop

  • Enemy Changes

    – Adjusted enemy unit [Geist] drone damage so it does not instantly kill the player on impact
    – Adjusted enemy unit [Geist] movement behavior to avoid overlapping with other units

  • Ship Modifiers

    – Added [HazMat Proofing] penalty: Health Regeneration stat is fixed to 0%

  • Bug Fixes

    – Options: Button Remapping issue
    – UI: Sub-objective Panel Color Change
    – Tutorial: Win Objective Tutorial for Survival and Fleet Assault are now separated, and does not share the same “tutorial read” state

In addition, with the change in mechanics introduced from our recent updates, the PhaigeX demo version also got updated, implementing the current gameplay changes.

We would like to have some feedback regarding on the implemented Auto-Aim feature, as this will be of an assistance to newer, inexperienced players to get used to the game.

Towards a brighter future,

The PhaigeX MegaCorp.