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PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors » 10/7/2023 PATCH NOTES

Cheers, PhaigeX employees!

Workplace adjustments and improvements are on-going, and here’s another batch of patches to the current updates’ issues that players and the developers pointed out. The quest for a safe and rewarding workplace is never-ending.

Gameplay Changes
  • Pluvia Fixes

    – Homing wepaon fixes against boss 2nd stage

  • Arbalest Fixes

    – Interactions with Buster Beam
    – Tech Meter Generation Adjustments
    – Asteroid Obstacles messing with Mode Shift mechanics

  • Rave-N Fixes

    – SP Tech Bug usable while docked with any Support Arms

  • Sledgenaut Fixes

    – Ramming effect collission adjustments
    – Strike Anchor hooking bugs
    – Composite Armor cooldown reduction adjustments

  • Oracle Fixes

    – SP Icon changes to reflect the presence of hacked units for self-destruct

  • Passives Changes

    – Emergency Repair base cooldown adjustments

  • Others

    – Reduce experience of drone units spawning from enemy ships
    – Background fixes resulting from new camera zoom level

Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions. We have done a lot of fixes at this point, that we can finally proceed to the next milestone and cover for any unexpected issues that might pop up.

Towards a brighter future,

The PhaigeX MegaCorp.