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PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors » 10/28/2023 PATCH NOTES

Good work as always, our PhaigeX employees!

A new batch of patches are being rolled out, for we will never cease to keep the improvement of the workplace in mind.

Gameplay Changes
  • UI: Game Mode Selection

    – Boxart images for Game Mode Selection

  • UI: Fleet Assault

    – Added Current Wave Number under Objective

  • Support Shop

    – Rerolling 5 times now doubles the chance to get a powerup in a set of stat ups

  • Player Ship: Pluvia

    – Reduced [Photon Shower] pierce to 1, a single enemy hit will destroy the energy bullet

  • Player Ship: Rave-N

    – Manual-firing [Diffraction Prism] now destroys previously launched prisms on the field
    – [Diffraction Prism] in auto-fire waits for the previously launched prisms to expire before launching new ones

  • Player Ship: Oracle

    – Added Tech Meter Gain Mechanic: gain tech meter from killing drones
    – Moved Tech Meter Gain Mechanic: gain tech meter from enemy ships inside the field to [ECM Package] level 1
    – SP Tech Icon Change bug fix on Shop and Pause Menu

  • Support Craft: Scarab

    – Point-Defense Lasers bug fix: not firing at drones Fleet Assault

  • Weapon Changes

    – EMP status now slows enemy turret turn speed
    – Improved tracking of Homing Weapons vs drones
    – Changed description text on pierce modifiers
    – Adjusted [Burst Fever] destroy count requirements for activation

  • Enemy Changes

    – Enemy missiles now give small experience

  • Background Changes

    – Nebula clouds color change dynamic

We appreciate the feedback and suggestions. There’s no need to worry about milestone progress, we are currently working on the new game mode together with these non-stop updates. Here’s a peek on what we’re working on.

Towards a brighter future,

The PhaigeX MegaCorp.