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PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors » 1/7/2024 BETA BRANCH PATCH NOTES

A Wonderful New Year to all PhaigeX employees!

Let us start 2024 with more changes to the BETA BRANCH Demolition Mode and crush some more bugs we found!

To access the Beta Branch
  1. Right-click PhaigeX at the Game Library list
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Click on Betas
  4. Under Private Betas, enter the code: poweroverwhelming
  5. Select your beta participation to betabranch and you’re good to go!
Gameplay Changes

    – Show all 4 pylons markers from the start, allowing freedom to pick any direction to start with
    – Structures now summon [Warden] ships to defend against player fire
    – Protection Sys: Jamming and Slow are merged into one
    – Added Warp Bombs Incursion Event
    – Added Gravity Module Structures that repels kinetic projectiles

  • Clusterforce SP Tech [Energy Cluster]

    – Fully charged clusters can now sucks in enemy projectiles

  • EMP Weapons [EMP Bolt] and Monarch’s [Combat Drone Unit]

    – EMP deals bonus damage to structures, disabling them easier
    – Hitting Energy Cores with EMP deals damage to all structures within the platform

  • [Hazmat Proofing] Modifier Demerit

    – Equipping Hazmat Proofing disables the upgrade button for RGN stat in the shop

Bug Fixes
  • Graphical Bugs

    – [Drone Shield] and [Point Defense Laser] drones layer order against structures
    – Explosion Particles layer order against structures

  • [Plasma Blade] Weapon

    – Lv5 Extension burst lag when on contact while paused

We’ll continue to polish Demolition Mode some more until a great play experience is achieved. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Towards a brighter future,

The PhaigeX MegaCorp.