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Hyperhell » 1.6 – Thatcher bossfight update

Margaret Thatcher has resurrected from the grave! You can find her as one of the new coffin bosses that have a chance to spawn each run. Since coffin bosses are random, it might take a run or two for her to spawn.

Thatcher is voiced by the incredible htmljones 🙂 go watch their interview with maia arson crimew that just came out on youtube its really good

Steam wont let me embed this youtube link since it got turned into a short automatically lmao, here’s a quick video showcase though

———PATCH NOTES—————–

+added Margaret Thatcher as a new coffin boss

+added “Davy Crockett” (burst fire rocket launcher) as new gun

+added “Get a hyper combo (50x combo or higher)” as a new lategame challenge

+made it so on entering a new level with a combo, you have an additional 2.5 second grace period before your combo meter starts depleting. This is removed early if you kill an enemy before the grace period is over.

+Dealing damage to a boss resets the combo timer

+Boss deaths also reset the combo meter, and add to your combo