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Halftime Heroes » 1.55 is up!

Patch notes!

The important

-Season 9 is up!
-Added new weapons! These weapons have special abilities, some that are toggled manually! Collect them all by doing quests with your custom character.
-Remade ALL the monsters in the Tower and The Forest to fit the new style. Be sure to check them out!


-Fixed a bug where chests sometimes were not giving all the gold
-Monsters have been slowed by 25%. On No Portal Mode the slow is of 40%
-Gold and HP orbs now fuse up
-Added an extra bar to increase general game speed up to 100% (Just in case you feel the game is still slow)
-Messages are now properly queued, so if you advance a wave and grab 2 tomes they will show subsequently in a proper and nice way
-Chests dialogue no longer appears if your dice score is higher than 15. Instead you will get the messages as if it were a tome
-Added a setting to allow to always skip chest dice roll
-Nerfed monster speed and damage after wave 45
-Magma now always spawn on top of the player
-Added the level name on the game over screen
-Some spells now push more to the sides rather than vertical
-Removed the old monsters from the build, might make more space
-Ultimate Siege has been reworked, it is now a huge nuke instead of a constant barrage, should get better FPS
-Stormcaller, Dagger Rain, Light Fury, Thundernado, Magma, Lutelio Beam now deal ticks of damage every 0.5 seconds
-Lutelio Beam base cooldown has been increased from 9 to 12 seconds
-Max Cooldown Reduction has been reduced to 80% from 90%
-The amount of tomes in the map has been limited to 4. Starting tomes do not count to this limit
-Fire Spirit and Ultimate Avalanche’s missiles speed has increased by a 50% and duration diminished by 50%
-If Skip Chest is on, the dices will automatically roll as many times as you can until it gets an 18 or better.
-Added a visual indicator of Ultimate Growth range
-Nerfed tome appearance, the longer the game, the less tomes will appear
-Fixed a bug where scrolling up would unequip your current gear
-Reduced the size of some textures, specially the monsters in Riverside. Improved some values on high quality so it should get better FPS. Hopefully this reduces the RAM clog it does sometimes. (Need more tweaking)