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Just Shapes and Beasts » 1.5.52 release notes


Smallish update for y’all today. Nothing too fancy on your end, but a lotta things behind the hood.

Of note: you can now play with a single hand and we did a major overhaul of the photosensitive mode.

Also, Italian and Spanish fans rejoice, we translated the like, 100 words we had to your native language; let us know if there’s any problem with it!


Full release notes:

– Added Spanish & Italian support
– Moved to Unity 2019.4
– Major change to rendering system, now using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline
– Windows and Mac builds now built using IL2CPP
– Added One-hand mode (Dash with triggers, move with both analog sticks)
– Vastly improved photosensitive mode
– New menu for reassigning controllers (Options > Controls > Reassign controllers)
– Added new popup to ask the player to activate photosensitive mode
– Major changes to management of async call in matchmaking code
– Changed Steamworks plugin to use Facepunch.Steamworks
– Now using Steam Rich Presence
– Implemented level loading syncing logic for online
– When controller gets disconnected while playing online, user has now 60 seconds to reconnect one (instead of getting kicked)
– Fixed online issues with joining players
– Fixed issue with the exit button on main menu when Party is selected
– Fixed issue with ‘New Game’ not unlocking after playing it in story mode
– Fixed issue with particles in ‘Final Boss’ hitting the players when too small
– Fixed issue with fade-to-black during the Party credits (ending of Story mode) not covering the texts
– Fixed issue with track previews sometimes stopping playing when moving fast during voting in Challenge mode
– Fixed issue with water waves accelerating when hitting it with the player multiple times