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Burst Hero » 1.5.0 Update List


  1. Enemies may now drop weapons and bullets.
  2. Adjusted the UI layout and animations of the store.
  3. Optimized the experience when picking up items.
  4. Fixed the issue of inaccurate aiming at airborne units with auxiliary aiming.
  5. There is now an arrow pointing to Elite enemies when they appear.

  1. Bones↓: Increased the energy required for skill accumulation.
  2. Android: Fixed an issue where the Android could not use auxiliary aiming.

  1. New weapon “Antimatter Gun”: Unlocked by default, reverses the basic damage properties of bullets.
  2. Microphone↑: Increased energy gain.
  3. Flamethrower↑: Increased reloading speed.

  1. New bullet “Feather”: Unlocked by default, basic damage 16, penetration +1, bullets with no recoil.
  2. Dark Bullet↑: Increased trigger probability.
  3. Burst Bullet↑: Increased trigger probability.
  4. Sprite Bomb↓: Extended charge time.
  5. Frisbee: Fixed the issue of inconsistent rotation speed at different frame rates.

  1. New cards “Heal” “Resonance” “Curtain Call”
  2. Fearless: Upgraded from 1 star to 2 stars, effects changed to 50%/100%, and now unlocked by default.
  3. Removed Card: Downgraded from 3 stars to 1 star.
  4. Piggy Bank: Downgraded from 1 star to 0 stars.
  5. Buy Back: Upgraded from 2 stars to 3 stars, now no longer requires coins when purchased from the store.

  1. Boneyard: Slightly increased the brightness of the scene.
  2. Death Knight↓: Reduced the intensity of the dark screen effect.
  3. Fallen Angel↑: Increased movement speed and fixed some potential bugs related to movement.