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Asteroids... But Roguelite » 1.4 Patch Notes

1.4 Patch Notes

– Added a new ability called rapid shot. It’s a faster, weaker sniper shot.
– Added a new ability called ship scrapper. This allows a chance for enemy ships to drop money when defeated.
– Added a new enemy type that follows the player and shoots periodically.
– Added controller support to entire game.
– Fixed some missing sound effects.
– You can now see all the high scores on the leader board, not just the top ten.
– Fixed bugs where abilities where not able to be used at the very start of a round.
– Fixed bug that allowed the Flak Cannon ability to hit multiple times at close range.

I wanted to get this update out before the holidays to add controller support and fix some bugs. I have more abilities and enemies I want to add at the start of the next year.

I also want to work on balancing the extreme late game. At the moment a lot of late game scaling is primarily based on enemies doing more damage instead of the enemies themselves getting trickier to deal with. I’m going to work on this.