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Samurai Survivors » 1.4.3 Patch Notes – Ghost Slasher Rework and Attack Transparency

Ghost Slasher Rework

The ghost Slasher technique is a hard technique to balance. It has many many combinations with other techniques. Adjusting its variables and making it too strong or too underpowered could upset the whole balance of the game. After the release, I noticed people are only using Starting Weapon + Ghost Slasher + Lightning Reflex combo and not trying out any other builds. Which is not what I want from the game of course. So here’s the new Ghost Slasher:

Ghost Slasher
Creates fading ghost that copies your previous technique. But doesn’t copy their multi-attack. They also attack at the same time as the previous technique

Yep, now you can combine ghost slasher with any other technique. You can create whirlslash multiple times and call upon many spirit slashers. Of course, not every combination is useful as others but most of them work great. The only downside is that they can’t multi-attack more than the default value for the copied technique. This limitation is there to prevent the damage from scaling up exponentially which is what happened in 1.4.2 or before. So, post your builds! I wanna see what new builds you guys can come up with!

Some fun combinations:

Attack FX Transparency Option

You can now reduce the opacity of your attacks from the options. It should make things clearer in late game.

New Push Systems

New systems are implemented to make the game easier when you get pushed. One of them is that after being pushed, you can pass through enemies for a short while.

Dojo Indicators

Now there are two pointing arrows in DOJO (or you can call it the main menu). One of them is pointing toward the doors and the other one pointing towards the unlock technique area. Most players were confused about where to go in the first time they enter the DOJO. These arrows should help a little

Full Change log:
  • Ghost rework. It now copies the previous technique instead of your default attack
  • Player-only map bounds are added
  • When you get pushed, your collision gets disabled for a short while
  • When you get pushed, you push surrounding enemies for a short while
  • Increased enemies to player damage cooldown
  • Ghost Walk now pushes enemies after the attack
  • Alternative lock id added for Map3 (It should unlock the map if you unlocked the 3rd map before 1.4.2 but locked in 1.4.3)
  • Eastern Castle banner warrior special sound volume reduced
  • Illustrator name changed to the correct name
  • Added dojo indicators
  • Added Attack FX Transparency option to the options menu (Range: 0-10)
  • Added an auto-aim tip when you reach a certain time for the first time
  • Now the game shows the correct auto-aim button name