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Samurai Survivors » 1.4.2 Patch Notes

Change log:
  • Reflect not protecting the player from damage bug fixed
  • Now, the game doesn’t reward 3 new skills at once
  • New game end-game text when you reach 30 min and survive all curses
  • Deleted some lights in the dojo for better guidance
  • Added left and right buttons for button navigation
  • Heath increase by curse level is decreased from power of 3 to power of 2.5
  • Increased the health bar animation speed on damage
  • Now using if you’re using gamepad, cursor doesn’t disappear and stands at a minimum distance to player
  • Bug that makes all rewards highlighted is fixed
  • Added a new description when posture reward is selected
  • Reduced enemy samurai damage from 35 to 30
  • Now, enemy samurai’s speed is not at the same speed as you. Instead, they now have a fixed speed like other enemies
  • Reduced spirit slash size limit
  • Reduced horse charge size limit
  • Small amount of increase to the damage increase of Blazing Domain
  • Reworded soul amount achievements
  • “Eastern Castle” unlock achievement fixed
  • “I only need my weapon” achievement fixed
  • Reduced the reach of karate guys from 1.2 to 1.1
  • In level 3 (Eastern Castle), now there is a second level up reward behind the door
  • Reduced the door’s health from 1000 to 100 in level 3 (Eastern Castle)
  • Reduced the opacity of black panel covering the area inside the castle in Eastern Castle

I wanted to add new stuff but there are some new systems I have to finish before doing that. I’m thinking of releasing new techniques as weapon sets with a theme (Black Dragon Set, Distant Weapons Set etc.). Also there might be a new mechanic coming to the 3rd map. It seems kinda simple compared to other two

About Invisible Descriptions in Steam Deck

It seems like it’s a common problem in Unity games in Linux builds. I tried to fix it but since I don’t have a Steam Deck myself, I’m not sure if the bug is still there. Can anyone test the game on a Steam deck or Linux device and comment below? It would help me a lot. Just start a random map and level up once to see if there are descriptive texts under the skill titles