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Just Shapes and Beasts » 1.4.15 Hotfixes


We’re pushing a quick update to fix a few design issues introduced with Mixtape #3 that should make them a lot more enjoyable, along with Rich presence stuff that we had not touched since launch.


Full release notes:

– Fixed issue with misaligned warnings in Lightspeed
– Reduced requirement for Granite to ‘Rescue 350 friends’
– Added small walls with falling enemies in Lightspeed (Hardcore)
– Removed a bunch of circles in Lightspeed (Normal)
– Aligned bottom square corners with top ones in Deadlocked (Hardcore)
– Added Steam launch parameters to manage save data (mainly for customer support)
– Fixed issue with main menu fireworks not working even if party level was previously unlocked
– Fixed issue with track previews sometimes stopping during the vote of Challenge mode
– Added Discord Rich Presence support for macOS
– Added difficulty setting in Discord Rich Presence
– Fixed issue with double inputs in Community Rooms textfields
– Fixed issue with triggering Join/Leave while typing in Community Rooms textfields
– Fixed missing letters in album name in Playlist when in lower resolutions
– You can now use the mouse to click the Ok button on the single option popups (like error messages)
– Fixed collision issue in Granite (Hardcore) with the small beams
– Fixed collision with big hexagon in Katana Blaster (Hardcore) (not perfect, but better)
– Removed ability to change text size and other properties through html tags in username