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Sky Rogue » 1.3.2 Released!

1.3.2 contains a few important bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements:

– Items + aero currently in loadout are now indicated in the Aerolab
– Added steam catapult effect on carriers
– Modding: Custom Missions: new spawn data variables “spawnWhenFlagsSet” and “setFlagWhenDestroyed”
– Modding: Added support for custom music to be played during custom missions. Put your .ogg file in “/Audio/” and then add ‘”musicFilename” : “YourFilename.ogg”,’ underneath the mission description
– New translation: 繁體中文

– KUNAI railgun: payload 60 -> 50, damage 60 -> 80
– Aero graphics are hidden in glass cockpit mode
– Terrain generation algorithm slightly enhanced for more interesting terrain shapes

– Controller definitions updated, if you had issues getting your controller to work or remember rebinds in an earlier version, this might fix it
– If copying the legacy save (in “Sky Rogue/Save”) to the new location (in AppData) fails, just load the legacy save
– Fixed: rebinding the “Look” button to something else when using mouse controls wouldn’t disable mouse roll and pitch while the “Look” button was pressed
– Fixed: infrared missiles now lock onto CARRIER engines only from below
– Fixed: custom mission environments were not being loaded
– Fixed: custom missions using custom aeros either didn’t work or worked inconsistently with asset bundle mods