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Return to Abyss » 1.20 update

Main content of this update:
1. New hero: “Ghost Hunter” Sheng Yu

2. New weapon: Heartless Bow

3. New map: Asteroid Base

4. Added four new props
5. Added three new drinks
6. Added a new collection
7. Added follower system
8. The magnets on map will have hint

To celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival, we prepared two new skins for you within this update, which are completely free, hope you like them.

-Balance adjustments:
1. Wind wand:
Normal: Damage increased by 50%
Unspecialized: Damage increased by 33.3%
Red specialization: In the state of remaining blood, the damage bonus and size bonus have been increased from a maximum of 1.5 times to 2.5 times
2. Rocket Cat:
Normal: Attack cooldown reduced by 20%
3. Swamp pets:
Green: 20% increase in size, 33.3% increase in tentacle follow speed

More content is already in developing.
There are two more days to Chinese New Year, wish everyone a happy new year, we will try our best to make the game more interesting~!