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Chess Survivors » 1.2 Patch Live Now!

Hi all,

In celebration of the Bullet Heaven festival I have created 6 new relics. Specifically, I think the new rare relics will add some interesting new builds.

I have begun working on my next game as my work on Chess Survivors is largely completed, but if you have ideas I’d love to hear them either in the Steam discussions or over on discord. I always love hearing from player’s (I sincerely mean this, your feedback has helped me make this game way better than it otherwise would be, so thank you).

From time to time, I will likely keep doing small updates like this to add relics, abilities, or new characters. I hope you enjoy my little game and thank you for playing.


P.S. Please consider subscribing to My YouTube Channel where I share my game development as an solo indie dev.

1.2 Patch Notes

tl;dr; 6 New Relics and a few bug fixes

New Relics:
  • Bullet Heaven: (Rare) After taking damage shoot a volley of lasers dealing damage equal to the damage dealt to you. The number of projectiles is equal to half your level rounded up (works once per turn and ability damage modifiers increase damage.)
  • The Game Developer: (Rare) Spawn Aarimous, this game’s developer, who will attach to a random nearby enemies. When you kill the enemy it will now explode dealing damage to nearby enemies equal to 50% of the enemy’s max health. Will find a new enemy at the start of your next turn.
  • Immunity Idol: (Rare) When you would die, heal to 50% of your Max HP instead (works once).
  • Mega Magic Mushrooms: (Rare) Level up this many times : 4
  • Mini Magic Mushroom: (Common) Level up this many times : 2
  • A Shield: (Common) 20% Reduce Damage Multiplier and +50 Max Health

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the Sneezy Ghost’s starting relic to reduce incoming damage by 10% instead of a flat 10. This was missed when I made changes to remove flat damage in a previous patch.
  • Fixes the text for Gambit Level 20
  • Fixed a bug where when you win a run, if you immediately start another run as another character and lose you still see a +1 to that second character’s win stats