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Immortal Redneck » 1.2 Patch – Gunplay Rework, Daily/Weekly Challenges, Free Class Selection, Last Resort System…

  • Major overhaul of Weapon SFX.
  • Revisited and polished fire animations and weapon recoil.
  • Added more particles when hitting enemies and props. Hit flare, sparks, sand bits…
  • Reduced the visual white hitstop time.
  • Improved Ragdolls. They will fade later, fly further and also the gravity is higher on them so they won’t look like they’re floating anymore. And now you can push them around!
  • Added small screenshake when hitting enemies. Can be disabled (or increased) on Settings.
  • Improved muzzle flash system and added it to more weapons.
  • Impact lights and particles further optimizations.
  • Weapon Changes:
    – Quill Gun: Reduced the time between projectiles and also the time between the projectile hitting and the explosion.
    – Ammit’s Crossbow: Reduced the reload speed time by 30%
    – AK47: Rework on spread and recoil. Increased ammo capacity from 90 to 120.
    – Ra’s Staff: Increased damage by 10%.
    – Horus Fate: Reduced charge time by 25%.
    – Neith’s Sniper & Farsight: Reduced scope time by 30%.
    – Seth’s ElectricThrower: General rework.

  • Challenge your friends and the whole world with the Daily and Weekly Quests.
  • Everyone playing the Quest will have the same opportunities, same pyramid, same dungeon layout, same weapons and scrolls…
  • Daily Quest: Pre-selected God and ‘mission status’ (Skill Tree, Scrolls and Medallion). Compete to be the fastest in the Speedrun mode or compete to gain the most gold possible in the Explorer mode.
  • Weekly Quest: Same as Daily but over a week and you can choose the starting God. You’re allowed to play once with each God so you can even beat your own record.

  • No ammo? No problem! Throw your weapon to the enemies face and kill them with it. But don’t forget to pick it up from the floor when you’re done.
  • Added option to bind the key to throw weapon. Defaults to Middle mouse click or R3 on the gamepad.

  • Now you can select freely between all the unlocked gods.
  • Added a God Bonus System. Less used gods will get ATK, DEF and HP bonus while most used classes won’t get any.
  • Replaced the Re-Roll tree node for a new one -> Free Weapon: Grants a random weapon when entering the pyramid.
  • The Sarcophagus will act as a shortcut for going back to Favor Selection. Even after unlocking a new God so you will be able to pick the new God in the same run it’s bought.

Other Features / Balance

  • Added Chinese language.
  • The Merchant can sell multiple scrolls (both regular and golden). Each consecutive scroll will be more expensive.
  • Added a visual indicator in Favor Selection to the gods that have completed the game.
  • Hathor nerf
    – Reduced health bonus from 1.15 to 1.
    – Reduced bonus gold from 0.25 to 0.1.
    – Reduced bonus gold upgrade from 0.5 to 0.2.
  • ‘Lucky Vessels’ Scroll now make vessels drop chicken wings (3hp) instead of alligator steaks (15hp).
  • ‘Hieroglyph Master’ now also turn the Crit signs into hieroglyphs.
  • Improved Hathor’s Hook physics and inertia.
  • Floor modificators UI will hide when entering a new room.
  • Improved savefile handling and corruption prevention.


  • ‘Emergency Landing’ damage is no longer applied when you jump before touching the floor.
  • Entering the ray after defeating a Boss will now count as a death.
  • Maaty can no longer be killed with one powerfull attack.
  • Fixed some cases where enemies stopped spawning if you have equipped the Wololo Staff.
  • Fixed flamethrower traps not doing damage when under the influence of ‘Troll’s Feet’.
  • Fixed the erratic behaviour of ‘Dracula’ when killing spawnable monsters.
  • Improved Monkey behaviour.
  • Mobility medallion will no longer grant additional jumps to Apis.
  • Fixed several bugs with Ammit and save files.
  • Twitch Mode: Scrolls given by the Merchant or Blood Offering will no longer say “The community has chosen…”
  • Fixed several problems in Rooms
  • Fixed Alt+TAb while having the full minimap visible
  • Fixed scrolls like ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ or ‘What Are You Buying?’ giving prohibited weapons while carrying the Cursed medallion.
  • Fixed visual error on ‘Steak Upgrade’ tree node while carrying the Abundance medallion.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Pharaoh and the sarcophagus to spawn.
  • ‘Blood Offering’ scrolls won’t dissapear if they cross a door.