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Immortal Redneck » 1.2.3 Patch


Features / Balance

  • Huge performance boost. We’ve tweaked every aspect of the game to make it faster and more reliable. Our internal tests show a ~15% improve with various graphics cards and faster loading times.
  • Added Polish language.
  • Cleaned ~1GB from installation space.
  • Balanced some Scrolls:
    – Explorer will now unveil the whole pyramid map.
    – Hieroglyph Master won’t appear on the first pyramid.
    – Caution, Wet Floor will only affect during the current floor.
    – Amnesia will only affect during the current floor.
  • Improved video quality of initial animation.
  • Removed forced Clean Slate from Twitch mode.


  • Fixed a bug where weapon won’t hide when dying.
  • Fixed a bug causing to appear outside the initial room while playing Daily/Weekly game modes.
  • Fixed archers shooting instantly when seeing you (again!).
  • Fixed Accuracy scroll not working with the Bow.
  • Fixed dropped weapons on the exterior not disappearing when changing the God.

Mac & Linux patch will be uploaded tomorrow