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Sky Rogue » 1.2.2 Released!

This release is mostly bugfixes, notably a fix to the bombsight which landed bombs slightly ahead of the crosshairs in 1.2.0. There are a few tweaks to warping (you now get bonus cash) and mods (area of effect weapons are much easier to implement).

v 1.2.2 Changelog:
– BRONCO tech prerequisite is now TWIN-GUN instead of AC/40
– Bonus cash is rewarded after a warp (2000 for Day 5, 4000 for Day 9)
– When playing with Xbox One, Playstation, or Switch controllers, button icons should match the controller now
– Flak explosions now have a unique effect with debris
– AC/40, FLAK, RAILGUN, and BEAM have new crosshairs
– Mouse controls: the outer limit is smaller than the edge of the screen so you don’t have to move the mouse as much to make tight turns
– Modding: CustomBulletAOE component is now available, for causing area-of-effect damage

– TENGU upgrade cost was too low
– Bomb sight was off-target
– “Delete Save Data” in Options menu wasn’t working on PC
– In-flight weapon icons did not match your chosen skin
– Fixed several issues with upgrades to Specials:
— Max Ammo upgrades were not being applied, upgrades are much more useful now
— Max Ammo changes due to upgrades were not being displayed in the Aerolab
— Upgrade level was not displayed on the loadout hex nor in flight
— the special icon was blacked out when it was actually ready to use
— known issue: for upgraded specials, the icon might not be blacked out immediately after use, but the special isn’t usable yet
– Drone wingmen fly more consistently in formation
– Drone wingmen will no longer crash into things
– Fractal Phase logo screen did not obey sound volume setting