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Return to Abyss » 1.12 Update

1. Added the game acceleration feature, which can be unlocked by clearing the nightmare mode of the map without using the drink function. After turning on, the game speed will be greatly accelerated
2. The blessing of turning around and sprinting is optimized, which can be triggered by using space bar or corresponding button of handle
3. For the God of Order Statue, add a new brand that can refresh weapons “Weapon Exchange Right”
4. The UI prompts are optimized. Now when you select an accessory in upgrade, a prompt bar will pop up. In the character attribute and upgrade details page, you can also view the color hints of the inapplicable artifacts of the accessories.
5. Clearing the Nightmare difficulty will drop the recipe for a specific drink
6. Optimized the effect of dragging monsters so that they will not easily gather monsters at the player’s location
7. After erasing the brand, return the original price of gold coins
8. Optimized the performance of knight mob’s knocking effect
9. Reduced HP of elites in the early stage of Inner world
10. The green artifact of the wind staff supports the gravitational core
11. Added cycle selection in some UI
12. After using a drink, its information can be viewed in the pause menu.
13. Added vertical synchronization switch
14. Added handle rocker linear movement switch
15. Fixed the problem that the Blue Artifact of Wildfire 3 might move in a different direction than expected

We’re working on new content, new systems, new characters, new maps, and new weapons are expected to be added before the Chinese Spring Festival
The schedule is very tight, not only the game has added an acceleration function, but we have also got an acceleration function! ~ Fight !