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Sky Rogue » 1.1.5 Released!

This release has a bunch of minor bugfixes along with some minor polish and upgrades since it’s been quite awhile since the last update. Another update is in the works with some new content and possible gameplay changes!

– Upgraded Unity and Rewired; you might see better controller support and less crashes if you had issues with either
– Loading screen will no longer lock up the game and is animated
– Incoming reticles and arrows now animate their color
– Screenshake while in the cockpit has been reduced significantly
– The kill list at the end of an island has been re-added
– The farthest Day completed is now shown on the “You died” screen, tracked separately for Endless and normal modes
– Colliding into aeros which won’t result in death will push them a little bit to avoid getting stuck in mid-air
– “Credits” button on main menu so you can see them whenever you want

– F10 dev menu was not working; you can manually add the ability to use it by editing your GameOptions.sav and setting “devMode” to “true”
– Some mods which used aliased template names like “Aeroplane_rogue” were not working correctly
– HUD coloring is more extensive now (“hudColorHTML” in GameOptions.sav)
– Italian localization bug was causing errors in the Aerolab
– In some cases, when gaining multiple tech levels when there was only one tech left to research, you could get stuck in the research menu
– Mods: loading .obj files has been optimized so it is roughly 40-50% faster
– Mods: disabling mods but not restarting the game would cause custom weapons to continue to appear in menus