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Attack of the Karens » 1.1.0a Out on Beta Branch!

Hey everyone!

Version 1.1.0a is now live on the Beta branch for the game!

You will need to enable access to the beta in your steam library, then enter the password “attackofthekarens1” (no quotes). After a few weeks of beta, I’ll move this to the main branch of the game with another announcement. This is just to protect your game from any unforeseen issues so you can still play if the new beta breaks your game.

Included in 1.1.0a:

  • Control remapping! Directional movement and menu navigation/operations were excluded.
  • Localization support for other languages! Japanese is first to be added to the game, and depending on how well that does, I may choose to add more languages down the road. To switch languages, select the flag on the main menu and press the confirm button. Voice language does not change.
  • Heavy rework has been done to the dialogue system! It should now more closely match the text, and the pacing will be a little slower. This prevents dialogue from inadvertently getting skipped.
  • New controller glyphs throughout the game have been added for button prompts! These should match your configured button mapping.
  • Screenshake feedback slider! Adjust or eliminate the amount of screenshake in the main menu or hangar options!
  • Fixed some minor spelling issues.
  • Updated game logo on the title screen!
  • Minor balancing to multi-bullet upgrades. I felt it was still overpowered. Double bullets now drop to 75% damage per bullet and triple bullets drop to 60% damage per bullet.

As for future game updates, I don’t know how much more I will do for Attack of the Karens. I had wanted to do some more for leader boards, etc. but it seems like interest in the game just isn’t there sadly. I will probably come back to this game at some point in the future and add some content, but for the foreseeable future I’m going to let it stay here. Of course, any bugs or issues with this update will be corrected! Please continue to report those in the forums.

I want to thank everyone for the incredible ride of releasing my first game! It’s been an awesome experience and has been very hard, but the fact that you’ve enjoyed this game makes it all worth it!

I have many more games I want to develop, so stay tuned for updates!

Thanks a bunch,