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Goobies » 1.1.0 – Late game balancing.

  • Bosses mutate after some time…
  • Damage pie chart added to death screen.
  • Added a reroll for items and roulettes. Only one reroll per island.
  • Added an island stage counter to the HUD.
  • Mini boss death notification.
  • XP curve slightly tweaked.
  • Double Trouble artifact spawns double the amount of bosses (not limited to two).
  • DPS no longer accounts toward score.
  • Blobbath score multiplier down to -0.4.
  • Buffed Frostbolt.
  • Buffed Obliteration.
  • Buffed Chain Lightning.
  • Buffed Silly Saucer.
  • Buffed Essence of Zigrid.
  • Buffed Soul of Amam.
  • Buffed Dizzy’s Ball.
  • Buffed Goo.
  • Nerfed Splinter.
  • Nerfed Explosion.
  • Lowered Dizzy’s Ball audio volume and pitch.
Bug Fixes
  • Hoozey Woozey’s passive now correctly gains shop upgrade bonuses.
  • Total damage and per item damage now correctly adds up in the death screen.
  • Some minibosses animations and hit indicators now showing correctly.
  • Fixed bug causing infinite dissolves from level up.