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Spelp » 1.0g – New UI, Dash change, Bug fixes

  • Rework of the UI/UX for the levelup and 3D printer screen
  • The dash direction is now using the player movement direction instead of the player targeting direction
  • Reduced the price of the first 2 levels of the perk giving rerolls on level up (from 2500 & 4000 to 1000 & 2500)
  • The game is now running even if the game window is out of focus
  • Rephrased the description of the healing drone
  • Increased the Air Strike OMG laser’s speed
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue making the achievements unlocked not shown at the end of a run, so you couldn’t see when a character was unlocked!
  • Fixed an issue with the Healing and Support drones leaving off into the sunsets at some point in Stardust’s runs
  • Fixed an issue where the rank shown at the end of a run would be the old one. (The new rank wasn’t updated on the Steam Leaderboards yet)
  • Fixed the Shotgun OMG description (it was still indicating the old effect)
  • Fixed a few typos