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Immortal Seeker » [1.01 Version updated] Optimize and fix some bugs

1. Optimized:

(1) Some levels add a prompt bar on the left to explain the target of the level;

(2) Improve the overall movement speed;

(3) The flying spikes of the Poisonous Spike Spider will no longer cause knockback;

(4) Adjust the opening time of the books;

(5) Optimized the experience of the game at the Fallen Immortal.

2、 Fixed problem:

(1)Fixed serious game crashing errors on some graphics cards (particularly on AMD and Intel graphics cards). To address this issue, we temporarily removed some of the BOSS skill range indicators.

(2) Abnormal display and inaccurate position of the transmission door occur in some rare occasions;

(3) Fixed the problem of abnormal rotation speed during the BOSS injection of Penxianyuan;

(4) Fixed the problem of abnormal targeting of some BOSS skills.

(5) Temporarily remove real-time DPS statistics to investigate game lag issues.

3、 Problems found :

(1) Some weapons effects are abnormal;

(2) The problem that the treasure box is stuck in some terrain after the death of the elite monster.

The above problems are under urgent troubleshooting and repair. We will inform you of the repair results at the first time,

We would like to thank you for your support to us, and also express my apologies to the friends who have affected the game experience because of the above problems,

If you have questions or suggestions, please tell us ,thank you.