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ArenaMania » 1.0 release is here!

Hello Everyone!

Although it took longer than we would have liked, we have finally completed everything we wanted to include in the game. The last game mode that was added is the Hardcore mode. As the name suggests, players have to play through all 40 campaign levels with only one life.

The latest update touched upon almost every part of the game, so there may still be some bugs. If anyone encounters any, please report them on the Steam forums, and we will respond as soon as possible.
With this, the game’s 1.0 version now includes four different modes:

Campaign mode
Endless mode
Sandbox mode
Hardcore mode

With this, we consider the development of the game to be complete. Alongside the release, we have also made available a demo version containing three levels for everyone to try out who wishes to.

We appreciate those who have previously purchased the game. Whether you are a longtime player or a newcomer, we hope you will enjoy it.

Best regards,
Norbiur & Sandor