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Battle Grid » 1.0 Release Date Announcement, and price increase.

It has been an exhilarating experience to share and update the game with everyone over the last few months. Unfortunately, we haven’t generated enough revenue to complete the roadmap of features we set out to release when we entered Early Access. We’re sorry to disappoint anyone who was looking forward to any specific features we had planned. Here is the updated roadmap, as always feel free to suggest anything or let us know what you think.

Updated roadmap

Upcoming updates
  • Controller update (next update).
  • UI Update 2 (following update).
    • More detailed end screen.
    • New mech models.
    • New shop models.
    • Show synergy/special bonuses in unit/weapon info.
    • New tutorial, and more prompts in the main menu.
  • Gameplay update (final big update)
    • More boss moves.
    • Environmental explosives.
    • Movement changes (Manual aiming, dash).
    • New boss.
  • Bug fixes & balancing.
Cancelled updates
  • Corporate contracts.
  • Deck management.
  • Compendium.
  • Statistics.
  • New maps.

We will continue to bug fix, and balance the game after release.

The final price of the game will be 5.99$ / 5.99€, starting October 5.
The release date for 1.0 is the 17th of October.