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Goobies » 1.0.6

  • Cloud save added. Activate in-game in settings. Make sure that the first time you activate cloud save you are on your device with the most progress on. When you activate cloud save Goobies will attempt to backup your current save files.
  • New “Display Shadows” toggle in settings.
  • Mega XP orbs which collect surrounding XP orbs.
  • You can now see your stats and items during a roulette.
  • Mini bosses now drop a roulette item which needs to be picked up in order to reap its benefits.
  • Roulette now automatically displays item tooltip.

  • New main menu.
  • Hoozey Woozey’s passive damage increased by 100%.
  • All audio is overall louder now.
  • Gamepad deadzone now affects right thumb stick too.
  • Ulla suction reworked. No longer scales with your movement speed.
  • Item drops can now no longer spawn in rocks or water (they will hop home).
  • Abnormal Autopsy drop rate buffed and score multiplier is now positive. Also health can drop when this artifact is present.
  • Death effect more gory. Color has been changed slightly.
  • Bosses and mini bosses are much harder to shoot of the island.
  • Full Spectrum can no longer randomize the same goobie as the previous one.
  • Tinctured Glimpse unlock criteria changed, now only requires 30 items.
  • Chain Lightning description updated.
  • Orb Amplifier item is removed from item pool if Abnormal Autopsy is active.
  • Black hole visuals slightly updated.
  • Sonic Howl tsunami proc rate up 5%.
  • Sonic Howl’s tsunami visuals updated.
  • Goo now much smaller when airborne.
  • Dissolving no longer benefits from XP multiplier.
  • Removed red core from the explosion from Exploding Blobs.

Bug Fixes
  • Worms are now properly triggered on all enemy deaths.
  • All enemy projectiles are now destroyed upon going through the portal (you are no longer bombarded as soon as you enter a new island).
  • Halo still procing despite being healed up has been fixed.
  • Dissolve text on roulettes fixed (was showing more XP than it was giving).
  • Last Orb Amplifier upgrade now obtainable.