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Tesla vs Lovecraft » 1.0.4 Update

It’s a patch time! After listening to player feedback, we decided to roll a bit back with Extra Barrel and XP restrictions. Extra Barrel once more doubles shotgun shells. XP restrictions now only apply to Survival mode, to keep it more interesting.

Here’s the full change list.

  • COOP: Players now have an option to trade level up to revive all dead players
  • VISUALFX: Improved visuals on LOW particle detail level
  • PERFORMANCE: Improved performance with particle effects, especially for LOW and MEDIUM quality
  • UI: Leaderboards – Improved time format
  • UI: Daily Quests screen is now automatically updated when new quest is available
  • UI: Improved readability on progress bar caption texts
  • UI: Amount of crystals per level is now clearly visible
  • UI: New ‘Planes’ window which displays plane descriptions
  • UI: Added ‘Show on Map’ button to Monsterpedia, to make monster hunting bit easier.
  • UI: Fixed screens for 5:4 aspect ration
  • BUG: Lightning Ball Gun now deals correct amount of damage with perks
  • BUG: Fixed Special Ability Master’s description.
  • BUG: Occasionally game would freeze during Boss entrance camera drive
  • BUG: Fixed leaderboards category cycling with Gamepad
  • BUG: Fixed rare animation bug during tutorials
  • BUG: Fixed Teleport Directional arrow scaling on very large and small resolutions
  • BUG: Wardenclyffe Battle did not end properly
  • BUG: Tentacles no longer hit through indestructible walls
  • BUG: Player no longer can walk through walls at Wardenclyffe Tower
  • BUG: Fixed damage on Fire Bullets with Gauss Assault Rifle
  • ABILITY: Explosive Barrels can now be layed more frequently
  • PERK: Epic Death Ray no longer gets stuck
  • PERK: Extra Barrel now works better with shotgun-type weapons
  • WEAPON: Lightning Ball Gun’s projectile now pierces opponents, making it more efficient
  • WEAPON: Epic Tesla Death Ray now lasts longer and fires up faster
  • POWERUPS: Identical powerups now stack better, multiple Fire Bullets last longer.
  • CONTROLS: Added auto-fire option for Gamepads
  • BALANCE: Fire Vampires deal more damage
  • BALANCE: Improved damage on Gauss Shotgun
  • BALANCE: XP limits for level ups are reduced for levels 9+ for non-survival levels.
  • BALANCE: Improved Fire Bullets damage on Tesla Guns

Please let us know what you think

PS. Mac & Linux users will also get this update, right away.