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Tesla vs Lovecraft » 1.0.3 Update

Changes in 1.0.3:

  • New Translation: German
  • Visual FX: FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing) added, makes the game look smoother
  • Visual FX: All New Visual Effect when using Time Warp
  • PERK: Special Ability Mastery improved, it now gives +50% damage to all abilities
  • PERK: Vengeful Discharger now spawns twice as many projectiles when hit
  • PERK: Radiator now has 50% larger area of effect
  • PERK: Supplier now gives 40% more powerups, instead of 30%
  • PERK: Extra Barrel now gives 1 extra projectile per shot, rather than +100% amount of projectiles.
  • BALANCE: Improved damage on Assault Gauss Rifle
  • Survival: Difficulty has been tweaked. It starts out faster and lasts longer.
  • Survival: Crystals are now spawned in survival mode.
  • XP limits for levels beyond 8 have been increased significantly
  • BUG: Fixed crystals outside of level
  • BUG: Explosive Barrels are no longer detonated by Radiator perk
  • BUG: Sometimes objects could not be properly picked up
  • Simplified collision edges for several maps, you should now get stuck less often
  • Teleport: Should now find a suitable spot more often
  • COOP: Fixed stats that are shown at the end of the level
  • COOP: Fixed rumble effects for multiple gamepads
  • COOP: Player health is now more visible
  • Weapon Lock functionality is disabled by default. You can enable it from the Controls menu.
  • Added option for Ultra High Quality textures (in performance menu). It enables 4k textures.
  • You can now change your language setting inside the game

Please leave a comment how you feel about these changes!

PS. Linux & Mac will follow bit later