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Picayune Dreams »

    Hello! Stepford here again! I’m still crunching on some performance and game fixes. Be sure to tell me any of your thoughts on the balance or any glitches you find. I’ve also been toying with some stuff for future updates which I’m excited to get started on. ːSpRad_Rockː

  • Added: An option to enable “Late Game Auto XP”, which instantly teleports XP to you once it’s started to be sucked in (only past 25 Mortality.)
  • Added: The game will submit Daily and Friend highscores after killing a boss, so even if you push your game to the limit – Steam servers will remember your sacrifice.
  • Added: Steam Rich Presence (?) Hard to test until it’s on live servers. We’ll see. 😉
  • Change: XP will now combine into an XP Cannister when more than 1500 is accumulated into a single spot.
  • Change: AUTO UPGRADE AT FULL BUILD option raised up in the menu, to avoid having to scroll every time to toggle.
  • Change: Extended XP culling radius further than the border of the screen by a smidge.
  • Change: Lowspec Mode now disables more effects.
  • Change: Other assorted adjustments in hopes of making the game take up less performance.
  • Change: Updated the description on “Dark Matter Overload” to explain things a little better.
  • Change: Peril will increase the amount of XP required to level up, in addition to raising Enemy Speed and Enemy Count.
  • Fix: More spelling mistakes have been corrected.
  • Fix: The ending screen would show negative skillpoints if you had spent the points earned from beating Overdrive levels, fixed now.
  • Fix: Some weapons would go over the bottom of their lifetime and then stay around in memory. This has been fixed.
  • Fix: A Gamemaker update has fixed the issue where unplugging an audio device would render the game silent until restart. I can’t test this because I couldn’t get it to happen before, but hopefully its fixed for everyone who was having the issue.
  • * Nerf: Spawned C4 Explosion will get 10% smaller if the enemy was killed by another C4 Explosion,
  • reoccurring.
  • * Nerf: Spawned Shrapnel Shells will last 10% less time if the enemy was killed by another piece of Shrapnel, reoccurring.

* //These two items are being nerfed because of their ability to scale up simply as more enemies spawn. This is mainly to stop infinitely reoccurring instant wins with the items. I will be keeping a close eye on their performance after this update, and I might need to buff them in other ways if they fall behind!//

Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday arvo! ːGunfireRebornloveː