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Spell Cast » 02.06.2022 Update Notes

Thank you very much to everyone who supports the development of the game, I try my best to present the most enjoyable game to you


  • Now, you can see skill recipes on character selection panel via clicking skills
  • Character select panel now show craftable skills too
  • Hints added to lobby
  • 22 New Achievements Added
  • New Boss Added
  • 1 Skill Added to Knight


  • Knight is now automatic like other characters
  • Dash Ghost and Dash Speed no longer selectable for knight because knight dont have energy
  • Now you can dash with the right mouse button too.
  • They no longer appear in the skill selection screen if you have the maximum amount of health or energy
  • Now Ally mobs will destroy after 60 seconds
  • You can now collect exp while invisible
  • Mob spawns increased on late game


  • FPS Drop fixes
  • Lag reduced
  • Your level is no longer displayed as 1 when a new player joins the game
  • Your level is no longer displayed as 1 when you change the game language while in the game
  • Sometimes teammate need revive text not showing up issue fixed
  • Fixed an issue where your friend would always stay invisible on your screen
  • Knight sword collision issue fixed
  • When you try again passive skills not deactived bug fixed