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Rogue: Genesia » 0.9.1 Open Beta


Following the bad experience the first beta was, I prefered to avoid remaking open beta for updates,
Previous one lead to a lot of negative review of users testing out the beta, then reverting back to the main branch and losing their save.
Following that, I’ve made semi-closed beta (the code “BackUpYourDamnSaves” was public on the discord) for update 0.8, 0.8.1, 0.9 and for the most part of 0.9.1.

However, this method, while having prevented most users to lose their save (I still got a few players losing their save this way (but following the pinned post in the steam forum allow to recover it)), it also greatly reduce the amount of players that play out the beta and test it out, and severly limit the amount of feedback and bug found.

If you’ve been reading the lattest blog-post, you know that the limiting factor to finish this update is the animations that are taking more time than expected (and this period being thank-giving + upcoming christmas is certainly not helping).
This mean that most bug has been ironed out, and to my knowledge, there is only 1 important bug that I’m still investigating, but I’m still searching for a way to reproduce it.
(the bug being that after restarting a run, in certain situation, a few enemies spawn with an insanely high corruption value, this only happen is very specific situations that shouldn’t affect most players)

I hope this open beta will help me found the reproduction step to this bug, as well as discover new bugs that I missed out.

To join the Open beta, Go to your game properties, in the beta tab, and select rg_0.9 – Beta for 0.9.1 – Back-up yours save

I obviously greatly advice you to backup your profile if you plan to return to version 0.9.0

I don’t plan to post changelog on Steam for all beta update, they are available on the discord,

but here is the current changelog for all the change made between Version to Version 0.9.1 beta 9

Updated from 2022.3.0f1 to Unity 2022.3.9f1

Major Change

Migrating from 3D to 2D collision

Collision detection is now handled in 2D instead of 3D
From benchmark, it’s around X2 to X4 collision performances gain
Will likely cause a ton of bugs

Physics calculation now happen once per frame

instead of being on a fixed update step, which could snowball lag-spike in the past, leading to multiple physic step in a single frame.

New Difficulty on profile creation – Casual mode

New difficulty that allow for a casual experience without the challenge
You cannot die (Not in red timer in Survivors mode)
Damage Increase by 5% for each level-up
Damage multiplied by 1.01 per minutes

Terrain generation

Terrain is no longer a very large flat plane with border
This mean the terrain no longer have border
For now it should be very similar to the previous terrain (flat with not special features) but allow for addition of more interesting terrain generation in the future
Some module have some surprise for the players, so you are more encouraged to explore
Additional alternative module will be added over time to add variety
Not easily modable

Weapon Modifiers refactorization

Shouldn’t change the current behavior (yet). so for now, modifiers are directly applied to the avatar data and apply to all weapons.
It is only a refactorization on how the game handle weapon modifiers in preparation on 0.10 weapon modifiers mechanics
This may lead to a few bug
Soul-Cards affected so far:
Fractal, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirit, Thunder Spirit, Divine Smite

Input system refactorization

Input system got reworked to be more modular and finally modable
This will reset all previous bindings

Gun-Slinger rework

No longer limited to a single weapon but can only use one
You can cycle through your weapons with scroll
3 weapons path are no longer mutually exclusives
Increased Enemy Count from 35% to 65%
Increase stage objective from 50% to 65%


Before starting a run you can now select Quick-Mode
Reduce the number of stage per zone from 16 to 10
Create a off-path to directly go to the boss stage at stage 5 when you are not at the last zone
Increase monster spawn-rate by 20%
Increase Experience gain by 20%
There is only 1 altar to activate in boss stage


Major refactorization to how weapon stats are handled to allow dynamic modification of stats for specifics weapons (will be very useful for weapon modifiers)

Major QoL
  • Stacked Damage number
    In option you can now enable stacked damage number, so it display the recently cumulated damages per enemies
  • Stage Information when hovering/selecting a stage
  • Option to enable health-bar over all non-elites enemies (without performance hit)
    This also allow health-bar over summons
  • Weapon tab added in the pause menu.
    You can see each weapon damages stats
    You can also see weapon modifiers
  • Added damage graph over time (and kill count)
    You can click the damage on the left to check damage stats for each damage source
    You can change in option the time precision of the graph (default is 30 sec) from 5sec to 120s

  • New fight music for Crystal depths (cave zone)
  • Improved Visibility in Crystal depths
  • Added a Default camera zoom option, where you can slightly unzoom the camera when there is nothing overriding the camera zoom
  • Added support for DX 12 and Vulkan (can be changed by using “-force-vulkan” or “-force-d3d12” launch command in Steam)
  • New Sound-track for Boreal Pinewood combat stages (snow forest zone)
  • Added a title text when you enter a new zone in Rog’s mode (this also mean all zone now have proper names)
  • Improved stage selection of Boreal Pinewood
  • Added error message when trying to create a profile with unvalid name
  • Slightly changed light model used for enemy and foliage sprites
    They should slightly be affected by back-lighting, most noticeable in Crystal depths
  • Damage number color is now slightly affected by environement to not be too distracting (especially in cave zone)
  • Reworked a few sounds in the game
  • Improved sound mixing during anachronistic
  • Reworked the pause menu
  • Blur the background when the game is paused
  • Slightly reworked the visual option menu
    Give better visibility to what you can see
  • Added Wide Rog skin
  • Damage number now support Q and Qt OoM
  • Removed collision between player and summon
  • Updated Soul-shop UI to fit the rest of the updated UI
  • Soul-Shop tier text color is changed when a tier is maxed
  • Sound Setting now has a Master slider
  • Sounds Option UI improvement
    Added an input field on the value, so it can precisely be edited
    Also slightly updated the UI to the new style
  • Next stage button text in event will be replaced with “Fight” in the right situation
  • Added an FX feedback for volt-strike to easily track active charges or if the effect is active
  • Future damage from poison debuff is also displayed on the healthbar
  • Fire spirit damage is also displayed on the enemies Healthbar
  • Improved Scorched plateau stage selection visuals

New Artifact
  • Ranked Dice
    Give one free rarity reroll on card selection, refreshed every 2 card selection
    Unlocked by “Getting Scammed”
  • Light Arrow
    Each Purification points increase base critical damage by 3%
    Unlocked by having Light spirit level 4
  • Golden Goblin Hand
    Only obtainable in Notice board (forest – Goblin quest)
    Picking gold inflict 5% (+0.5% per player level) damage to enemies in a 15m area (scale with area size)
    Damage scale with Damage multiplier
    Can crit
    Ignore enemy defense (and defence shredding)
  • Mushroom Gel
    Only obtainable in Notice board (forest – Mushroom quest)
    75% of damages taken are slowly applied over 10 seconds
    This is post-defence damage
    Damage inflicted by mushroom gel ignore your defence
  • Silkskin Wings
    Only obtainable in Notice board (forest – Flying eyes quest)
    Increase final dash duration by 1.5s
    Increase final dash cooldown by 1.5s
    Increase final dash delay by 0.5s
    Reduce dash speed by 80%
    Increase Dash Charge by 1
New Weapon
  • Ice Nova – Heroic
    Launch a slow-moving nova of ice spawning icicles around itself
    related talent is just a placeholder for now
  • Arcane Beam – Epic
    Charge and shoot a powerful beam in the aimed direction
    Cannot charge another beam while one is already being shoot
    Deal continuous damage overtime
    Width of the beam scale with area size
New Weapon Evolution

Weapon don’t have its own sprite for now

  • Ballista
    Evolution of Throwing knife and Crossbow
    Automatically Attack healthier enemy
    Also attack in the aimed direction upon dashing
  • Singularity Gland – Evolution of Worm gland and Void Spirit
    Create massive blackhole that slowly attract nearby enemies
    Deal less damage as the enemy is farther to the center
    Deal damage more often as the enemy is closer (up to 10 tick per seconds)
    Size/attraction speed depend on the “Mass” stat
    Slowly grow in size to it’s maximum size
    Gain 50% chance to shot a second black-hole at level 5 (100% at level 7)
    Blackhole that get close enough will merge
    Blackhole that just spawned cannot be merged immediatly
    Throw multiple parallel bolt
    Simultaneous bolt only work when in Siege-mode or during dashes
    When not moving, Enable “SiegeMode”, the weapon gain double it’s damage, halve it’s attack delay, and greatly increase it’s bolt penetration, but reduce the player’s movespeed by 30% for 3 sec after quiting siegemode
  • Explosive Bow
    Evolution of Bow and Explosive Vials
    Arrow that target the closest enemies and explode when the projectile hit an enemy
    Maximum piercing capped at 5
  • Arcanic Pike
    Evolution of Pike, Light spirit and Arcane Beam
    Slowly charge a powerful arcanic laser that decimate non-elite ennemies on it’s path

3 New Gun-Slinger’s weapon

Weapons don’t have they own sprites for now

  • Dual Gatling
    Require Perfection
    Upgrade of HMG
    Start shooting slowly and scale up to 50 time per seconds
    Shot 2 time[
  • Rail Gun
    Require Thunder Spirit
    Shot a infinitely piercing rail
    Each enemy touched cause 3 sub-trace to be shot randomly
    Very high damage
    Very slow attack speed
  • Flame Thrower
    Require Fire Spirit
    Quickly shot wide weak projectile that can quickly cumulate damage on enemy
    May need balancing

New Soulcards
  • Health potion – Rare
    Increase Health regen by 35%
  • Vengeful shield – Synergy
    Synergy between Stalwart shield and Health Potion
    Every damage receive (post-defence) increase your damage (60-80-100)% of this amount for (3-4-5) seconds
    Increase Wild tagged card drop chance by 10%

New Event
  • Notice Board (Forest variant)
    Choose between 4 missions to complete and get the reward
    Can only appear once
  • Wrath now require area tag
  • Temporarely removed Spirit’s water from artifact pool until it get a rework
  • Old Coin buff
    Increased Experience bonus from +100% to +300%
  • Player’s health regen and weapon attack speed depend on players timescale (as of now, nothing in the vanilla game affect player’s timescale)
  • Pike reworked
    New Visual FX (so it’s doesn’t look horribly ugly like before)
    No longer has delay between multiple pike projectiles
    Hitting an enemy with the tip of the pike will deal guarantee critical hit with a 100% damage boost
    Slightly follow the aimed direction after it’s spawned
  • SwordRang Tweak
    If a projectile get too far away from the players, it’ll get removed
    if the projectile is alive for too long ( > 10 sec) it’ll also get removed to avoid lags
    In Addition, if there is more than 1000 Sword-rang alive, returning sword-rang life-time get depleted 5 time faster (again to avoid huge lag-spike from getting out of control)
  • Similarly to Swordrang, Wisp projectile will see their lifetime greatly reduced when their number is greater than 1000 to save performances
  • Soul-Coin gained from gold is now soft-capped over 1 Million gold
  • BonFire event change
    Merged rest and meditation, so you always improve one of your card when you rest
    Card limit break option no longer has requirements (ouside of having a maxed out card)
  • Fairy in a bottle tweak
    Increase health regen multiplier from +20% to +50%
  • Throwing Knife nerf
    Increased base attack delay from 0.33s to 1.5s
  • Kunai buff
    new effect: Remove all positive defenses from enemies hits by the kunai
  • Arcane beam, Void Wisp and Magic wisp buff
    Ignore positive enemy defenses
    Still benefit from damage shredding bonus damage (similarly to critical hit)
  • Magic wand buff
    Increase damage of all Magic tagged weapon by 20%
  • Arcanist staff buff
    Increase damage of all Magic tagged weapon by 50%
  • Removed some artifact form the boss poll list
    Glass Sword
    Jaald’s potion
    Sacred Sword
    Troll blood
    Pork Statuette
    Void Statuette
  • new artifacts added to the boss poll
    Holy cross
    Shop-Keeper’s Plate
    Adventurer’s License
  • Thunder staff now deal a little bit of knockback
  • Damage in statistic now directly track the damage dealt without being clamped by the monster health
  • Evolutions unlocked via achievements are now added to the pool of the current run
    Need to be tested
  • Fuuma Shuriken, Storm Staff, Void wisp and Arcanist staff no longer requires any achievements to be unlocked (they are unlocked by default)
    These two change should help new players to access evolutions without spending too much time into the game, especially since I’ve noticed a lot of player think that the game don’t have evolutions
  • Save Villager Event
    Fighting the monster is now a real fighting stage instead of being an auto-damage for reward one
  • FireSpirit tweak
    Fire damage duration no longer increase when applied but is reset instead
    Increased damage percentage from 10% + 5% per level to 20% + 10% per level
    Reduced duration from 5sec to 3sec

  • Added a new secret and stupid achievement. that unlock a new skin
    Good luck
  • Getting Scammed – Rarity reroll an Heroic or higher rarity card into a lower rarity
  • Pour directly on your wounds
    Reach 10 health regen
    Unlock Health potion
  • Time for Payback
    Receive 1M damage in total
    Unlock Vengeful shield
  • Weapon’s custom Critical multiplied not being applied in case of Hyper crit
    it was keeping the player’s default critical damage in those case
  • Sniper’s Effect not working
  • Worm boss having invincibility when dealing too much damage
  • Bug when synergizing Cold touch and spike boots making anachronistic not consume dash charges
  • Some summon not getting close enough to boss to touch them
  • Throwing Knifes talent not giving dashes charges
  • Throwing knife talent description displaying 2 more dashes than it should
  • Training dummy charge being reset when loading a run
  • Card Details – Requirements level now display the right required values
  • Necro Decay debuff not being removed properly
  • Throwing knife Addition dash is now part of the activation buff
  • Shop – Scroll bar not handling the entire shop properly
  • Saint’s Shinbone being removed from a run when saving and loading a run
  • Stats calculation issues with “Health Every 5 Level” Soul-shop upgrade and negative health modifier upon loading a save leading to major health mismatch until you open the stats screen or level-up
  • Chicken statue being noted as Pork statue in the stats screen breakdown
  • Artifact sometime not displaying the right value in certain places
  • Fight&Flight no longer give +1 defence when inactive
  • Corrupted avatar corruption not being displayed in the stats breakdown
  • Corrupted rog able to obtain negative Damage
  • Some damage number displayed a slightly off value
  • Boiling blood not stating it’s Max health increase
  • Some stats displaying ” X > Y base stat” but was displaying the actual value instead of the base stats value
  • Crystal sword not properly applying it’s critical effect (crit damage were applied, but not the crit information)
  • Magic and physical tag not being displayed
  • Damage number spacing being wrong when the camera was unzoomed
  • Challenge list in survivors mode not displaying rank button when having selected hardmode in rogs mode
  • C-rank survivors mode making the challenge button clickable even though there is no challenges available for it
  • Gunslinger weapon starting at 0 ammo
  • Purification lower than 1 doing… weird things
  • Tree, rock, shrine or any procedurally placed object will spawn and block altars (same for the shop-keeper)
  • In stats pannel, negative stats get multiplier by the multiplier instead of being divided
  • Fire Spirit not being able to kill an enemy by itself
  • New Event – OnCardsReroll(List, List)
    Called when rerolling cards
    Provide the previous and the new set of cards
  • New Event – OnCardRarityRerolled(SoulCardScriptableObject, SoulCardScriptableObject)
    Called when rarity rerolling a card
    Provide the previous and new card
  • Modified Event – OnCardBanished(SoulCardScriptableObject) > OnCardBanished(SoulCardScriptableObject, SoulCardScriptableObject)
    The new event now also provide the new card replacing the old one
  • All game events are automatically cleaned up when reloading mods
  • Projectiles modifier variable no longer exist
    Since this is now a legacy system that is completely replaced by the new weapon system
  • Player’s Modifier are also removed
    this is also legacy system that got replaced by custom card linked to events