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Greedland » 0.7.90 Update&Greedland’s First Idea Hamster Speical Event

Weather’s getting cold out there and it brought illness to the family one after another. It is hard to keep it up! I was planning for more, but could provide you with part of it now.

0.7.90 Update
New Features
  • New Terrain
    I was planning to update barricades in all terrains, however could only make it in dessert first. Bouncing bullets, blocking monsters——How would you utilize it?
    Dessert added deco grass and rubbles, along with big rock barricades.
  • New Game Setting
    Camera Aim Offset. Once closed, your vision will not follow your mouse movement, but centered on your character.
  • New Languages
    Turkish language is now available
    Russian Localization has a relatively incompatible expression within the game until now. Many texts exceed the textbox, so that we wish to postpone its publication. We are coummunicating with the Russian localization team on this issue. Will come back with it later.
  • New way to save games
    Want your family and friend to play the game but don’t want your saves get messed up? Or you want to play for a second time from the beginning? You can now set up new saves with one click, and all saves are independent.
  • New in-game random events
    New in-game random events were supposed to be added in this version, but due to time issues, they really can’t be added. I’m very sorry. In the future, there will be random events other than airdrops or mercenary corpses in the game. It may be a data cell that you need to protect? Maybe it’s a temporary assignment from the headquarters? No matter which one you choose, more in-game rewards will be waiting for you. And there will be new monsters and characters waiting to be added.

  • Reduced Chance for Double Airdrops to have the same type of drops.
  • Slightly changed Game Setting UI
  • Optimized transparency of the ability cool down text.
  • Optimized text for multiple languages to avoid out-of-textbox and ambiguity.
  • Now the LOGO intro when opening the game could be skipped by pressing any key
  • Game start volume is now controlled by the Settings
  • The opening scene now could be skipped (By mouse click, Space on keyboard or A on controller)
  • Now you can use the Space button to quickly confirm things in pop-ups (Such as picking up mercenary corpse)
Bug Fixes
  • Fix a bug that made Mod Last Stand free to unlock and update.
  • Fix the problem that the Apply button appears when you open the Game Setting interface for the first time.
  • Fix Overload effects not showing correctly.
  • Fix a bug that the reroll price for Tactical Supplies sometimes shows in red
  • 📣Do you wish me to add a rank rankings list in the game? Maybe the list for the scores for finishing every map? Or survivial time for endless mode? I am not very clear if you need it. If you agree/disagree, please share with me in your comments.✨✨✨
*Please aware:
  1. The barricade sound effect is NYI, it is not the final result.
  2. I solved most of the Bugs from new way of saving during the test. If you still encounter saving problems, join our official Discord at and contact admin for help. You can backup your saves to ensure that it can be restored. Saves are supposed to be at %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalNewGreedlandSaved.

Thanks everyone for your company in 2023, I will work hard with Greedland in the coming 2024!


Greedland’s First Idea Hamster Speical Event

Hello everyone, I am VaMP. Family illness issue had finally faded away, and I am planning to work on the planned things. However, I would be more than happy to use more ideas, and you could be our Idea Hamster here! Submit any creative ideas you have, maybe just a mere spark, or a well thought-out after a long time of playing. Whatever pumps out of your mind is welcomed! The coverage: Mod Name; Mod Effects. Let us have a brainstorm!
Mod Name: Exquisite Technique
Mod Effect: Automatically activate random ablility from time to time.

  • We will choose 1 winner at the end of the event and put his idea into the game afterwards!
  • The winner’s name will be listed in the Credits
  • All ideas shall be submitted via the collection sheet (You can submit multiple times)
  • The duration lasts for 2 weeks (End at Jan 7th)

Idea Hamster submission link:

Official Discord of Greedland: