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Greedland » 0.7.80 Update: Tactical Supplies and Steam Autumn Sales

After this update, you could use G-crystals in the game to purchase tactical supplies. Finally those overwhelmed points could be put in use! Of course, acceleration function is online too.You could refresh for the supplies you need, but be aware that refresh costs will increase with the refresh times.

Meanwhile, we provide you with a -20% sale during the Steam Autumn Sales. Come and enjoy the shooting frenzy in Greedland!3

Don’t forget to vote for the Steam Award during the Autumn Sales. Please vote for Greedland for Sit Back and Relax award. Thank you very much for your support!

Vote page link:

New Tactical Supplies at Landing Module

The landing module landed with you could finally be useful! Return to the module in game, press E (X/Y for controller) and you can enter the tactical supplies purchase interface! Conquer Greedland with brand new buffs!

Tactical Supplies detail

(Keep it secret. We wish you to discover it yourself)

New Supported Languages


Other Updates

Change the blood expression settings
Optimization of game codes, deleted some of the not used timers

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