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Whisker Squadron: Survivor » 0.65.3 (Content update 3) Released.

We’ve been hard at work over here at Flippfly, preparing a major new update that includes a new way to play, new items, and a redesign of the ship stats system.

Your feedback has been essential in shaping the direction of the game, so please keep it coming!

This update introduces “Challenges”, a new screen with short pass/fail challenges that will test your skills in various ways.

We’ve also begun a major redesign of the stats and items in the game. The two upgradable ships each have a unique attribute now, and we’ve added some new items, and redesigned the “stats” upgrades to be random items. We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear that you’d like to see more interesting options in the in-game level-up screen – this is just the start!

We’ve also made a myriad of improvements, including major improvements for the “Roll Deflector” item.

Check out the Content Update 3 preview trailer here:



  • A new way to play! Introducing “Challenges” – small, concentrated snippets of gameplay, each with their own pass/fail conditions and score.
    Try them from the main menu!
  • New item: Combo Shooter: Increase firing rate with combo level.
  • New Item: Pierced Healing Shot – pierced kills restore Hull.
  • New Item: Roll Magnet: Pull in items at a large range by doing Barrel Rolls.
  • New Item: Piercing Rounds: Increase weapon piercing.
  • New Item: Boost Berzerk: Increase firing rate while boosting.


  • Removed “stats” upgrades, and replaced them with the following items:
    1. Fortify Hull – increase hull capacity.
    2. Rapid Fire – increase firing rate.
  • Combo Hull now has a chance to refill hull completely.
  • Pulse Laser charge time is now reduced by increasing firing rate.
  • Pulse Laser width is now upgraded with weapon levels.
  • Items that are picked up without a magnet now animate into the ship.
  • Tight Boost Damage Charger now increase firing rate and crit chance instead of damage.
  • New items and item upgrades are a little more frequent during level-up (relative to Weapon upgrades)
  • Reduced radius of lock-on for missiles to make precise targeting easier.
  • Roll Deflector has a few improvements:
    – Projectiles are deflected at enemies by default, and move faster when deflected.
    – You can “chain” deflections to extend the deflector.
    – Lots of visual/feel polish
  • Ship stats have been rebalanced:
    – Hammer has higher max hull
    – Dagger has higher firing rate
    – Arrow has a bit higher energy
  • The Dagger ship has a new unique trait: Combos don’t reset between zones.
  • The Hammer ship has a new unique trait: All “Barrel Roll” items recharge twice as fast.


  • Fixed bug where Twitch status was showing on the HUD even if you hadn’t enabled that feature.
  • Fixed Revive not working sometimes.
  • Fixed bug where lock-on for missiles was blocked by player