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Whisker Squadron: Survivor » 0.61 (Early Access launch builds) released!

Here’s the Early Access launch build!

– Added “New” badges during loadout to show newly unlocked items.
– Increased default pickup range a bit
– Lowered Magnet level 1 range a bit.
– Added new, unique dialog for all characters.
– Changed Laser Drone so it does a percentage of your primary weapon damage.
– Added “Kickstarter Backer Level” on credits screen.
– Changes to Revive item for better readability.

– Fixed rendering issues on Macs with Apple Silicone.
– Fixed bug with incorrect default button assignments for menu navigation.
– Fixed some bugs with menu selection for controllers.

We’ve got lots of major updates in the works, including a 3rd level, accessibility options, and a new “challenges” system. Let us know in the discussion forums what you’re most excited for!