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Nova Drift » 0.33.33 – Difficulty Balance Patch

Hello Drifters!

It’s been awesome watching everyone’s reaction to the new update! We’ve been reviewing all of the feedback you’ve given us, especially as it relates to the challenge of the last two updates, and decided that another difficulty balance patch could go a long way to improving new player experiences and veteran grievances both. Here’s what we did:

Enemy Balance Changes

  • The Crucible boss now has a longer wind-up for its single burning hoop attack
  • The Crucible boss’s single burning hoop attack now ramps up its targeting over a second instead of immediately having good targeting, but also lasts a little bit longer before degenerating
  • * The Crucible boss’s burning hoop attacks have a more clear indicator of the trajectory at which they will be fired
  • Tracer spawn quantity, at the mean and especially the high-end, has been reduced
  • Tracer orbs, when combo’d, now release 4 sub-projectiles instead of 5
  • Tracers will no longer “exert” themselves to combo their projectiles until a certain amount of time has passed and they no longer have shields (“exert” means gain bonus cooldown when they detect a combo they could make)
  • Reduced the cooldown bonus that Tracers gain by “exerting” to make a combo +200% -> +150%
  • Tracer bullet damage 25 -> 12
  • Tracer bullet “burning wake” damage -7.4%
  • Tracers now wait an additional 0-.5 seconds before acting
  • Hammerheads now only deal blast damage on collision while they are charging
  • Hammerhead death clusters damage -12.5%
  • Hammerhead initial death explosion, preceding the clusters, now deals zero damage but still knocks you away from the epicenter
  • Champion Juggernaut shot and missile rate of fire -15%
  • Prevented any one dynamic spawn event from creating two or more Juggernauts of the Champion variety. If it happens, one will be demoted to Elite
  • Myrmidon bomb cluster damage -12.5%
  • When the shooter of a Myrmidon bomb dies, the bomb’s targeting decays over time
  • Myrmidon and Cherub healing auras no longer heal themselves, just other units
  • Champion Shredder Mine sub-spike damage reduced 14 -> 11

Thanks for playing!