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Don't Shit On My #!$@& Roof » 0.3 is now live

EA 0.3 : Tainted Update

The items now all have tags. This allows to guide the player in his builds, and to create families of artifacts.
New Artifact Family – Tainted : These are tainted artifacts. They will increase your stats but will also bring a bonus to the pigeon.

  • Double Trouble – When a boss should appear, make an extra one appear.
  • Forbidden Tome – Increases experience gains of the player by 20%. Reduces the spawn rate of all the pigeons by 5%.
  • The Call – Increases damage of bullets by 10%. Increases magic damage by 10%. Start a boss fight.
  • Slow Learner – Reduces the speed at which time passes by 5%. Reduces the experience multiplier by 10%.
  • Fast Learner – Increase the experience multiplier by 10%. Increase the speed at which time passes by[ 5%.
  • The Daltons – Increase rate of fire of bullets by 30%. Increase gunner spawn rate by 15%.
  • Power Shift – Increases the experience drop rate of pigeons by 50%. Increases the spawnrate of all pigeons by 20%. Reduces the bounce of ALL magic artifacts by 1. Reduces bullet piercing by 1.
  • Temporal Rift – Increase rate of fire by 30%. Decrease ALL pigeons spawn rate by 15%.
  • Inner Fire – Increases damage, duration and tick of damage of firezone by 20%. Increases the base life of all pigeons by 20%.

New Artifact – Chronomancer – Every second, you have 1% chance to trigger all your artifact.

New Mode – Endless Mode – Survive as long as possible (often, this will be when your game is at 2 FPS)

Balance – Change Curse 10 by Remove One Choice. Change Curse 5 by boss life increase by 80%
Balance – Remove Upgrade 5 from boss pool. Now they will appear when you unlock every other upgrade for that artifact
Balance – Mini Magic Gun Nerf : now reduce magic damage by 60%

Rework – Faster to level up at the beginning and more pigeons. So you can blow up pigeons faster.

Music – Addition of a music (for the moment unique) on the maps in game. Enjoy.

Bugfixes :
Fix a bug when a controller disconnected during a level u