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Arrival: Zero Earth » 0.21.0 – Difficulty Changes / Leadersboards Cleared / Early Access update

Hello All!

In this update, the goal was to give a small extra strategy layer in terms that you can now gain new empty coffins during a run (not just four hard-coded coffins as previously) and there are a few more items to help with the survival too.

Enemies were made slightly more challenging to compensate for the new items. A lot of time was spent trying to find a nice balance with the difficulty, but please give feedback if the game feels too difficult.

New Items

  • Invincibility Length – How long units are invincible to damage after the first casualty
  • Extra Coffin – Gives you an extra coffin
  • Extra Crematorium Chance Up – Increase probability of extra Crematorium
  • Two owned unit types in Ale-Pub – Chance of seeing two already owned unit types in Ale-Pub

Enemy Tweaks

  • Increase the number of enemies per wave on later levels, but decrease the maximum number of waves
  • Increase most enemies attack rate slightly.
  • Slightly increase Sword Enemy damage area size
  • Increase Walker Enemy movement speed
Default Coffin Count Increased

The default coffin count is now increased from 4 to 6.

Extra Coffins

You can now find extra coffins (an item) from Chests and S-Market.

Crematorium Updates

Crematoriums now cremate one coffin per crematorium.

There is a new item, which allows you to get a second crematorium on level.

You can also get an extra crematorium from the secret underground construction bunker.

Ale-Pub Updates

The Ale-Pub got overhauled in what sort of units it now provides.

Now there is a higher chance that at least one unit is one of the ones that you have already hired. I hope this makes it a bit easier to get the builds or units you want.

There is also a new item that improves the chances of Ale-Pub offering TWO of the units you have already hired.

Leaderboards Cleared

The leaderboards are now cleared, since the game difficulty changed in this version.

Thoughts about 1.0 version

About a week ago the game reached ONE YEAR in early access! I think the game has made great progress in early access and I’m pretty happy with the game.

Although there is no real urgency to release the 1.0, I also don’t want to drag the game too long in the early access.

Currently, my thought is to release the 1.0 at the end of this year (2023) or somewhere at the start of the next year.

I’ll post more information the closer we get to the 1.0 release!

Other Changes

  • Move the camera a bit closer to the action
  • Refactor Ale-Pub to more likely show units that are already hired
  • Fix the stat name of “Extra Ale-Pub Chance Up” item from “Extra Mercenary Chance” to “Extra Ale-Pub Chance”

That’s it for this update. Please give feedback on the new difficulty.

If the difficulty feels too difficult, as a temporary workaround you can use the “coffins” accessibility setting in the Settings dialog to give extra coffins for the run.

– jounitus