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Arrival: Zero Earth » 0.20.0 – Keyboad Configuration / Custom Keybindings

Hello again!

Custom keybindings have been requested multiple times during the early access, and now the feature is finally here!

Currently, only keyboard keybinds can be configured, but I think most of the players use the keyboard to play the game and the gamepad layout works pretty well out of the box.

You can find the keyboard configuration from the Settings dialog.

All the keyboard settings are saved locally (the same way as with the graphics options), so if you use multiple devices, you have to configure all of the devices once.

The default keyboard bindings got a bit simplified, so if previously the “Dash” was on both Left Shift and Space, now it’s only on Left Shift. So if you used the Dash on space, you can now reconfigure it yourself (or reconfigure it to use any button you want, except ESC).

I appreciate any feedback if this feature works as expected from those who want to reconfigure the keys.

Thanks again!

– jounitus