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Arrival: Zero Earth » 0.18.0 – Selectable Starting Unit / Unit Visibility Tweaks / Portal Bug Fix

Hello all!

Selectable Starting Unit

You can now choose a starter unit for the run (instead of the default assault rifle unit), this has been one of the requests during the early access.

All units can be selected (including the rare ones), except those that can’t move (for example the Sniper unit).

Unit Visibility Tweaks

One of the major points of feedback during the early access has been, that the gameplay can get a bit noisy with all the effects and it’s hard to tell where your units are etc.

There have already been a few updates to address this previously, but here’s another update focusing on the specific effects for the units.

Following units’ effects got tweaked:

  • Flamethrower Unit
  • Meteoroid Storm Unit
  • Fire Arrow Unit
  • Fire Arrow Storm Unit
  • Bazooka Unit
  • Heavy Artillery Unit

Also following tweaks were made for better visibility:

  • Shortened how long the flying enemy body parts emit particles
  • Limited maximum concurrent number of various explosion effects

I hope this is a big help, but please continue to give feedback if things get too noisy and which units/effects you feel are the cause for it.

Other Updates

  • [community feedback] Dragon Enemy should be now easier to kill, for example with Sticky Bomb Unit
  • [community feedback] Hopefully fixed the bug, where the enemy wave wasn’t correctly marked as finished and prevented the spawning of the portal
  • A Dialog for achievements is now shown on the main menu (only for the “skill” based achievements, not for example unit unlocks etc)
  • Units now should move more “smoothly” when there are only a few units on screen / should be less janky at the start of the run
  • Removed Bazooka and Flamethrower units from the demo version
  • Lowered Unit Transformer building chance from 30% to 20%

Remember to give feedback, thanks everyone for the support!

– jounitus