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Arrival: Zero Earth » 0.17.0 – Multiple Biomes per Loop / Removed the Manual Selection of Biomes


Now a single loop contains multiple biomes!

This is how I envisioned things originally, but now it’s actually in the game.

I think having multiple biomes per loop adds a bit of mystery and variation to the runs, which has been one of the points of the feedback from the players during early access.

The biomes that appear during a loop are currently randomly selected from the unlocked biomes.

Now the first three biomes are automatically unlocked, instead of just one.

To unlock more biomes, a successful run must contain a biome that is listed before the biome you want to unlock in the biome unlocks list.

So if you are wondering why there are no more biomes listed on the “start run dialog”: it’s on purpose.

Currently the first biome is always the Snow biome, which I think is a nice way to start a run.

It might change how different biomes are unlocked and the way some of them are accessed, but currently things are as described.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some units (for example Assault Rifle Unit) targeted incorrectly some enemies.

  • [Community Feedback] Now the units can dash by pressing the Space -key (in addition to the default “Left Shift” key.

– jounitus