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Power Fantasy » 0.163 – Major bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug with Arics knockback paired with knockback damage that made the game crash
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let Zikk reach his full amount of chains
  • All heroes now start with the book of their damage type
  • Changed it so perk upgrades have a 30% chance to show in every slot instead of 100% in the middle slot
  • Rerolling perks now doesn’t show the same perks twice
  • Added a dedicated mode for gamepad so each mode can be better polished
  • Made it easier to navigate through the hero and companion selection with gamepad/Steamdeck
  • The game now automatically selects the last played hero
  • Removed unnecessary mods from the stat panel
  • Perk upgrades and perk synergies now show the perks that were required
  • The patch already includes a fraction of the achievements and unlocks that were scheduled for 0.17