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Sole Saga » 0.12.9a – Critical hit damage

Hi everyone,

Sorry to keep you waiting, it’s been a while since the latest character update, This update bring you “critical hit” system and remove some unused hero stat.
This update may seem like it doesn’t change much, but we’ve made some fundamental changes to the game’s code to prepare for new systems that will be added in the future, If you find some unexpected behavior please let us know.

Critical Hit

Every heroes now has 5% Critical rate, Critical hit deal 110% of the weapon max damage.
You can upgrade critical rate and damage at the meta progression upgrade at the main menu.

Balance Change
  • Reduced Max damage upgrade by 5%
  • Nerfed : “Eye of the blacksmith” now increase min damage from 15% – 60%
  • Pierecing, Critical Damage and Critical rate now show on the status menu.

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