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Tiny Rogues » Patch Notes

You might have to restart Steam completely to get the update immediately.

General Changes
  • Soldier Unlock condition is now handled slightly differently. You are now required to only use common and uncommon weapons. Usage is determined whenever damage is dealt. This makes it so you can accidentally equip a rarer weapon and as long as you don’t use it in combat.
  • Azure, Garnet and Jade Charms are now unique to the Rat Council event.
  • Reworded Doom, Judgement, Paper Bombs, Silver Bolts and Divine Departure. These status effects now state to deal extra damage instead of bonus damage.
  • Increased targeting range of Lightning Boots from 100 to 250.

Weapon Changes
  • Buffed these weapons:
    • Scorching Staff: Now inflicts Scorch.
    • Snow Angel: Increased APS from 2.5 to 3.
    • Rapidfire Bow: Increased range from 140 to 160, reduced projectile spread and increased dexterity scaling from A to S.
    • Spore Flail: Increased rotation speed.
    • Triangle: Increased intelligence scaling from D to C.
    • Enchanted Bow: Increased dexterity scaling from D to C.
    • Inferno Orb Wand: Increased base DMG from 175-200 to 225-250.
    • Flame Spear: Increased range from 100 to 110 and increased base DMG from 225-250 to 275-300.
  • The Hungry Blade, Demon Blade and The Separator now canb’t appear on late-game floors.
  • Boneforce bow now only appears in late-game floors.

Trait Changes
  • New trait: Primal Spirit
  • New effect for Dynamo trait.
  • Decay trait now checks if you can even inflict a DoT before appearing in trait selection.
  • Reworded Cull the Weak trait.
  • Reduced base damage and scaling of Static Blows trait slightly.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed that the Druid Bible, Piano and Kazoo weapons would never appear.
  • The status effects granted by Decay and Rampage traits are now removed upon removing the trait.
  • Fixed that the balloons from Balloon Bundle would sometimes persist even though the player wasn’t wearing the item anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where weapon effects would not be removed correctly upon unequip.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs related to controlling the options menu without the mouse. (both in-game and in the title menu)
  • Fixed that Staff-weapon-beams would sometimes behave very weirdly.
  • Fixed that Sake and Whiskey consumables would grant +1 more tipsiness than intended if consumed while on 0 tipsiness.
  • Fixed that the description of Maiden Dress was wrong if affected by Human Limits Cinder modifier.
  • Fixed a bug that lead to error messages appearing when rerolling the tavern NPCs.

Also, if you want you can follow my personal twitter if you are keen on updates on the 0.2.0 expansion. I have posted a few enemy sprites and I will reveal a lot more content over the coming weeks!

PS: I also just pushed another fix (same version number) which fixes the aforementioned Kazoo!