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Psionic Awake » 0.1.6 Update

New addition

Near the base, add a small amount of random psychic energy mine terrain that blocks monsters.
Night out range default +15, night heroes colliding with monsters take 1 point of damage (constant) and are protected for 1 second.
Treasure, Wrench: removes the range bonus for going out.
Treasure, Night Clothes: At night heroes do not take damage when colliding with monsters.
Treasure, Hoe modified to Helmet, +2 to building cap.
Treasure, Big Tail Lizard: +10 to life cap, restores 30 life from lethal damage. (Except for the Night Wraith)

Field defence buildings: ice, fire, electricity, light.

Research Centre: you can upgrade the buildings you have acquired.
Manufacturing factory: you can buy simple enclosures and you can buy miniature machine gun towers.
Small defensive towers: placed on the periphery of the fortress, damage physical.

Lixia: fire wall Replace with fire elemental.
Soldiers: weapon damage type, same as the hero’s main weapon (Risha light system).
Quest Treasure: Bubbles etc., physical special effects changed to correspond to system special effects.
Heart of Ice treasure: physical special effects – “special effects of the soldier’s weapon.

Balance modifications

Weapon: Light of Heaven, base penetration +2.
Treasure, Lens: Release 30 — 40 psychic energy, +1 light-based multiples.
Treasure, Shades: Laser light ball, damage frequency — +25% to release speed.
Treasure, Medallion: at 3000 per knockback: +15% physical damage.
Treasure, Eternal Crystals: Crystal Bonus requires -3 —-” -4.
Treasure, Seed: 2 — 4 summons on death to generate a tree.
Treasure, Cherry: 30% chance of base + half of experience growth.
Quest Treasure, Golden Bird, Treasure Hunt Radar, Monster Siege Damage —- — +1 monster attack damage.
All difficulties, monster attack damage +1, no longer shown.
Walls, level 1 wall blood 500 —- “400. Level 2,3 walls have an increased chance of appearing.
Talents, higher quest, +1 to attribute bonus progression.


Awakening Treasures can also be refreshed.
Altar: newly acquired, initial default cooldown completed.
Crystal bonus attributes appear based on the hero’s current talent.
Buildings, show buildable range light green.
Walls, full blood walls do not show blood bars and reduce lag when broken.
Weapons remove bounce except for rainbow farts.