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Psionic Awake » 0.1.5

Crystal mechanic modification

Crystals: pick up 10 crystals and get the option to gain an attribute bonus.
Treasure, Eternal Crystals: -3 to the number of crystals needed for attribute bonuses.
Attribute bonuses, altar permanent enhancements, etc. added attributes are displayed in one icon.

Exploration: +5% chance of obtaining crystals, randomly illuminates the location of nearby treasures.

Quest Compass

Ability to discover monsters with treasure.
An additional lair hiding awakened treasure.
The compass is activated when you gain the talent [Explore].
Compass: points to the most recently unexplored treasure.
Compass: After exploring 80% of the map, show the entire map and gain a blue treasure.

Altar upgrades

So altars can be upgraded to speed up the cooldown speed of that type of altar, with levels 1-5 adding 20%-100% cooldown speed.

Treasure: Little Black Cat, +1 to altar cap, gains little black cat and immediate access to an additional cat house.
Treasure: Radish, +1 altar cap, doubles the effect of the summoning altar and instantly accesses an additional summoning altar.
Treasure: Wisdom Orb, +1 altar cap, double the effect of the Wisdom Altar and immediately visit an additional Wisdom Altar.
Treasure: Cube Stone, +1 to the altar limit, doubles the effect of the Spire Altar permanent enhancement, instant access to an additional Spire Altar.
Treasure: Candle, +1 to the altar ceiling, permanent enhancement of the Spire Altar must occur, immediate access to an additional Spire Altar.
Treasure: Guardian, 1 point of shield for every 3 – ” 2 bullet changes.
Treasure: Wings, teleport 2 – ” 5 times.
Treasure: Hearthstone, return to town 4 — — 10 times.

New Achievement

Weapon Master, difficulty 7, win and have not used [Psychic Weapon].
Beginner, difficulty 7, survived 4 days without having used [Psychic Awakening].

Balance Modifications

Snow King Pony, Snow Elemental: Presence time 25S — 15S.
Snow King Pony, Snow Elemental: Changed to a secondary summoner, triggering one summoner effect for 10 deaths.
Snow King Pony, Snow Elemental: Attack range 2 —> 1.5.
Sleeping King Pony: AOE damage changed to Dark.

Treasure, Little Apple: every 5 seconds, restore 2 life points.
Treasure, Pepper: +20 to life cap, every 5 seconds, 1 point of damage.
Dragon Ball, chance of appearing 20% — 25%.

Quest: Broken fence Change Fence upgrade 1 time.


Demon King’s Lair: add Demon King grade display.
Freeze display: changed to change monster colour.
Cats, stand more spread out.
Keyboard movement optimised.
Add automatic mouse directional attack [F] key toggle.