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Psionic Awake » 0.1.4

New addition

Auto-attack with default attack on nearest target.
With the handle, auto attack the nearest target by default.
In auto attack, click to move, long press to burst.
In auto-attack, objects interact and can also be clicked.

Top left corner [Time bar], click to pop up pause.
Top right [Currency bar], click to bring up mini map.
Awakening hints, which can also be clicked.

A new batch of partner challenge achievements that require a top 4 damage ranking.


Movement speed is no longer reduced when attacking.
Removed heroes taking damage from hitting monsters at night.
Base pillar, no longer acts as a bullet for the player.
Treasure: Smart Chip removed and replaced with Portal: when dawn breaks, no longer auto-teleports, instead you can manually teleport.
Treasure: Wrench, hammering in all directions when bursting in — eight directions.
Weapon: Sledgehammer can receive a physical range bonus.
Lair: number of elite guards depending on difficulty, 5-20.


Treasure, keyword display bug for Homeland.
Partners, location priority four corners.
Tutorials, can choose between automatic or manual attacks.