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Psionic Awake » 0.1.3


4 brand new ponies, Snow King Pony, Flower King Pony, Pants King Pony and Sleep King Pony.

Hero, also takes damage from monsters at night, 0.5 seconds invincibility protection.

Treasure, Night Clothes: +6 range to go out at night, +20% dark damage.

A new random partner location is added to the base.
Treasure boat, also has a double effect.

Building placement changed from 5X5 size to 3X3, and monster pathfinding at night modified accordingly.
Fortress partner’s pillar placement modified, now closer to the outside.

Hellfire, damage 120 –》40, Hellfire now does the same damage as other summons.
Wall of Fire, movement speed 2.5–》5, equal to doubling the amount.

Treasure: Revenge, +1% physical split on death of 5 –》 2 soldiers.
Treasure: Outreach, +1% physical summoning of souls on the death of 2 soldiers.
Treasure: Homeland, on the death of 2 soldiers, the remains appear in the field.
Treasure: Prepare, +1 to soldier cap and number when aid arrives.

Treasure: Hamster, add effect, when picking up less than 100 coins, pick up all of them.
Treasure: Axe, hits trees for 50 –》100 damage.

Difficulty 4-6 of the final battle, the number of elite guards is reduced.
Stables, eat mushrooms to add shields, need mushrooms 4–》 8.

Wild Lich King battle, possible bug of Lich King disappearing.
Difficulty 1-3 re-displayed, difficulty 1 days 4 –》6 days.
Upgrade animation pause time reduced.